INFER Webinars



INFER Webinar Series, 10, July 12th, 2023, “The financial cost of stabilizing US farm income under climate change”, Presented by Rémi Generoso, University of Lille et Economix-Paris Nanterre, France.

INFER Webinar Series, 9, June 21st, 2023,”Climate change and inequality: the within-countries distributional effects of global warming”, Presented by David Castells, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain.

INFER Webinar Series, 8, March 7th, 2023, ” Taylor and fiscal rules: when do they stabilize the economy?”, Presented by Daria Onori, LEO, University Orleans, France.



INFER Webinar Series, 7,December 14, 2022, “Not all political relation shocks are alike: Assessing the impact of Us-China tensions on the oil market”, Presented by Jamel Saadaoui, BETA, Strasbourg University, France. 

INFER Webinar Series, 6,November 30, 2022, “Renewable Energy Drivers in France: A Spatial Econometric Perspective “, Presented by Gaye Del Lo, CEPN, University Sorbonne Paris Nord, France.

INFER Webinar Series, 5, October 19, 2022, “Telework and well-being: are the effect gendered?”, Presented by: Malo Mofakhami, CEPN, University Sorbonne Paris Nord, France.

INFER Webinar Series, 4, May 18, 2022, “How to detect Financial Bubbles: a new indicator”, Presented by: Marlon Fritz, Researcher at Paderborn University, Germany.

INFER Webinar Series, 3,  April 9, 2022, “The effects of trade policy uncertainty shocks in the Euro Area”,  Presented by Filippo Arigoni, Researcher at the Department of Analysis and Research of the Bank of Slovenia.

INFER Webinar Series, 2, March 23, 2022, “Households Debt, Borrowing Conditions and the Government Spending Multipliers”, Presented by Alessandro Franconi, PhD student at LUISS Guido Carli.

INFER Webinar Series, 1, February 23, 2022, “How to Go Green and Equal? A Political Economy Approach”, Presented by Donatella Gatti, Professor of economics Sorbonne Paris Nord University and CEPN UMR-CNRS 7234.