INFER encourages scientific discussion during workshops on specific topics as well as annual conferences. The quality of these events is guaranteed by a peer-review process of all submitted papers. Moreover, excellent keynote speakers are invited. With our annual conferences we especially give younger researchers the possibility to present their results.

INFER members benefit from reduced participation fees for these events.

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INFER working groups consist of INFER members active in the same, specific field of economic research. Thanks to these working groups, INFER members are able to interact more frequently allowing them to exchange information relevant to their field, to discuss joint research and joint research proposals as well as to initiate new INFER workshops. Currently, several working groups are active, but new working groups can be launched at any time. 

Currently, INFER working groups are active in the following fields:

  • Bounded Rationality in Economics and Finance
  • Competition Theory and Policy
  • Economic History and History of Economic Thought
  • Economics and Social Sciences
  • Growth and Business Cycles
  • International Economics
  • Macro-economics and Monetary Policy
  • Public Economics, Regulation and Competition
  • Regional Economics and Economic Geography



INFER offers several publication possibilities to its members. To this end, INFER cooperates with several international journals and publishers. In addition, INFER manages some own INFER publication series. Please read here to obtain more information regarding these publication options.



Senior members who have been active in INFER for several years and who have a good research track record are invited to become INFER Research Fellows. The principle aim of an INFER Research Fellow will be to contribute to the ongoing development of INFER by helping to continually enhance the quality of the network, to give feedback especially to younger members and allow INFER to develop new opportunities with institutions and publishers.

INFER will establish a new electronic peer-reviewed working papers series called the ‘INFER Research Fellow Papers’, which will be exclusively reserved for papers written by at least one INFER Research Fellow. Fellows will have the right to list INFER as one of their affiliations on any of their publications. INFER Research Fellows may also present their papers in a newly established ‘Invited Sessions’ at INFER Workshops and Annual Conferences. For more information on how to become an INFER Research Fellow, please click here.



INFER members will be informed on a regular basis about upcoming workshops and conferences as well as other interesting research activities. Communications to members are enhanced through the publication of a quarterly newsletter. Moreover, members receive access to the password protected INFER Intranet that contains the contact details and research interests of all members, additional information regarding the INFER working groups and many interesting research issues.



All INFER members are invited to organise new workshops on diverse economic topics, the annual conferences, debates or other related events. INFER offers extensive support to these workshop organisers, including practical advice and administrative or financial support. Moreover, INFER may strengthen the quality of your workshop by organizing the peer-review process of submitted papers, establishing a scientific committee and helping you find suitable keynote speakers. More information can be obtained from the INFER board.

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