Workers’ Remittances and Growth in MENA Labor Exporting Countries

This paper presents an empirical examination of effects of workers’ remittance on economic growth in a sample of 7 remittance-receiving MENA countries. In order to empirically analyze the impact of remittances we estimate growth equations using a set of 7 MENA labor exporting countries during the period 1975-2006. A standard growth models are estimated using both fixed-effects and random effects models. The empirical results show the support of the fixed –effects method as the random effects model is rejected in statistical tests. The results show the support for the view that remittances have a positive impact on growth both directly and indirectly through their interactions with financial and institutional channels.

Author: Sufian Eltayeb, Mohamed
Volume: 2009.10
Publisher: INFER
Year: 2009
No. of pages: 19
Working papers