Review of International Economics, Volume 29, Issue 1, February 2021

Guest Editor: Makram El-Shagi


  • Trade and Currency Weapons                                                      Benassy-Quere, A.; Bussiere, M. ; Wibaux, P.
  • Trade and capital flows: substitutes or complements?                   Belke, A. ; Domnick, C.
  • Spillovers in Global Production Networks                                      Frohm, E.; Gunnella, V.
  • The Political Economy of Capital Controls                                        El-Shagi, M.; Yamarik, S.
  • A General Equilibrium Model of International Trade with Social Comparisons                                                                                       Lien, J. W.; Lu, L.; Zheng, J.
  • The effects of external shocks on the business cycle in China: A structural change perspective                                                        Murach, M. ; Wagner, H.
  • The Sources of Investment Income on Emerging Market Economies                                                                                            Joyce, J.
  • The Case of Starting a New Exchange Rate after Debt Settlement: Reexamining Alternatives to Argentina´s Exchange Rate Policy in 2001-2002                                                                                                 Ho, T.-K. ; Lin, Y.-C. ; Yeh, K.-C.
  • Regional Real Exchange Rates and Economic Growth: Evidence from Russia                                                                                             Tochkov, K.
  • Global current account imbalances and the link between income and consumption inequality                                                                Gu, X.; Lei, C. K.; Sheng, L.; Zhao, Q.
  • The effect of US stress tests on monetary policy spillovers to emerging markets                                                                         Niepmann F.; Schmidt‐Eisenlohr T.; Liu E.
  • The interaction between macroprudential policy and monetary policy: Overview                                                                             Bussière, M.; Cao, J. ; de Haan, J.; Hills, R.; Lloyd, S.; Meunier, B.; Pedrono, J.; Reinhardt, D.; Sinha S.; Sowerbutts, R.; Styrin, K.
Author: Makram, El-Shagi
Publisher: Various Peer Reviewed Journals
Year: 2021
No. of pages:
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