Review of International Economics (following the INFER Annual Conference 2018)

Published in September 2020 Issue :

Revisiting the sectoral Linder hypothesis: Aggregation bias or fixed costs?

Hendrik W. Kruse

Pages: 1076-1112

Pecking order and core‐periphery in international trade

Glenn Magerman Karolien De Bruyne Jan Van Hove

Pages: 1113-1141

Published in the November 2020 issue:

Production networks in Europe: A natural experiment of the European Union enlargement to the east

Inmaculada Martínez‐Zarzoso, Anca M. Voicu and Martina Vidovic

Pages: 1143-1163

No special issue was published as papers got published in separate issues.

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Volume: 2020
Publisher: Various Peer Reviewed Journals
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