Regional Economic Policy in Europe: New Challenges for Theory, Empirics and Normative Interventions (Infer Advances in Economic Research Series)

Regional Economic Policy in Europe presents a tightly focused selection of policy, empirical and theoretical perspectives on contemporary dimensions of regional economic policy in the EU. It concentrates on three areas; the dissimilarities and resulting convergence of disparate regions within the EU; the localisation of economic activities and how regions can understand and manage them and, finally, the experiences and lessons that can be drawn from European regional policy. While exploring EU cohesion and regional development more widely, the book also examines Spanish, Belgian and Eastern European experiences on growth, human capital, foreign investment and technological spillovers.This up-to-date and thoroughly researched study is one that will be appreciated by academics and researchers of European studies and regional economics in Europe. Policymakers will also find the conclusions reached within the pages of this book invaluable.

Author: Ulrike; Michael;Frederic B.; Adrian , Stierle-von Schutz; Stierle; Jr. Jennings; T. H. Kuah
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Year: 262
No. of pages: 2008