Mapping energy poverty measures during the COVID-19 pandemic: A new global panel dataset

This paper compiles and presents a global panel dataset of energy poverty policy actions spanning the period March 2020 and March 2021. It builds on the COVID-19 Energy Map that collects policies to ensure the affordability of energy supplies for households during the COVID-19 pandemic. The monthly-frequency dataset is organized in a user-friendly way, allowing not only experts and researchers, but also the broader non-expert public, to examine and analyse the month-by-month policy changes across countries. The panel dataset is widely applicable for future research, especially as other global or regional datasets pertaining to the early years of the pandemic become available.

Author: Juan Armando; Marlies; Inmaculada; Ilse, Torres Munguía; Hesselman; Martínez-Zarzoso; Ruyssen
Volume: 2024.04
Publisher: INFER
Year: 2024
No. of pages: 13
Working papers