Journal of International Money and Finance, Volume 117, October 2021

Special Theme 2: Monetary, financial and fiscal fragility in 2020s

Guest Editor: Makram El-Shagi, Camelia Turcu.


  • Monetary, financial and fiscal fragility in 2020s (Editorial), Makram El Shagi, Camelia Turcu
  • Switching volatility in a nonlinear open economy model, Jonathan Benchimol, Sergey Ivashchenko
  • Cost of banking crises: Does the policy framework matter?, Grégory Levieuge, Yannick Lucotte, Florian Pradines-Jobet
  • The Effects of Inequality in the 1997–98 Asian Crisis and the 2008–09 Global Tsunami: the Case of Five Asian Economies,  Xinhua Gu Pui, Sun Tam, Chun Kwok Lei, Xiao Chang
  • Echo over the Great Wall: Spillover Effects of QE Announcements on Chinese Yield Curve, Mucai Lina, Linlin Niu
  • Identifying External Debt Shocks in Low- and Middle-Income Countries,  Xuguang Simon Sheng, Rubena Sukaj
  • Are Global Spillovers Complementary or Competitive? Need for International Policy Coordination, Keshab Bhattaraiy, Sushanta K. Mallick,  Bo Yang
  • Fiscal policy and fiscal fragility: Empirical evidence from the OECD, Makram El-Shagi, Gregor von Schweinitz
  • Fiscal Stress and Monetary Policy Stance in Oil Exporting Countries, Hao Jin, Chen Xiong
  • Financial Stress and the Probability of Sovereign Default, Caterina Rho, Manrique Saenz
  • Housing Prices, Credit Constraints and Trade Imbalances in China – An Intertemporal Approach, Qiuyu Chen, Ling Feng, Zhiyuan Li
  • Current Account Drivers and Exchange Rate Regimes in Central and Eastern Europe, Kersti Harkmann, Karsten Staehr
Author: Makram; Camelia, El-Shagi; Turcu
Publisher: Various Peer Reviewed Journals
Year: 2021
No. of pages:
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