Economic Modelling Volume 94, January 2021 (following the INFER Annual Conference 2018)
Introduction to the INFER-2018 special issue on applied macroeconomic policies in open economies

Guest Editors: Pedro Cerqueira, Alexis Gaudel, Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso and Stephan Mueller 


  • The impact of remittances on savings, capital and economic growth in small emerging countries

Zouhair Ait Benhamou, Lesly Cassin, in press

  • Do mutual fund flows affect the French corporate bond market?

Virginie Coudert, Dilyara Salakhova

  • What drives German foreign direct investment? New evidence using Bayesian statistical techniques

Mariam Camarero, Laura Montolio, Cecilio Tamarit

  • The interaction between private sector and public sector labor markets: Evidence from Romania

Valeriu Nalban, Andra Smădu, in press

  • Steady state adjusting trends using a data-driven local polynomial regression

Marlon Fritz

  • So alike, yet so different: Comparing fiscal multipliers across EU members and candidates

Nicolae-Bogdan Ianc, Camelia Turcu

  • How much profit shifting do European banks do?

Serena Fatica, Wildmer Daniel Gregori

  • Fiscal policy and stock market efficiency: An ARDL Bounds Testing approach

Andreea Stoian, Filip Iorgulescu

  • 3D printing, international trade, and FDI

Ana Lucia Abeliansky, Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso, Klaus Prettner


Author: Pedro; Alexis; Inmaculada; Stephan , Cerqueira; Gaudel; Martinez-Zarzoso; Mueller
Publisher: Various Peer Reviewed Journals
Year: 2021
No. of pages:
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