We would like to remind you that there are several deadlines for the INFER events in February:

  • INFER Supported Event: 2nd International Conference on Environmental Economics: A Focus on Natural Resources (University of Orléans, LEO CNRS – France, 1-2 April 2020): deadline for paper submission – 15 February 2020;
  • INFER Supported event: XVIII International Conference on Finance and Banking & Euro Working Group For Commodities and Financial Modelling 63th Meeting (Bucharest University of Economic Studies – Romania, 26-28 March 2020): deadline for paper submission – 16 February 2020;
  • INFER Annual Conference (Campus Condorcet, Paris, 3-5 June 2020): deadline for paper submission is 28 February, 2020. Papers can be submitted directly through Conference Maker. You are also invited to organize special sessions.